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Hannover Mess 2019 @Hall 11 F26-12




2019 Hannover international industry fair, Germany

Exhibition: Hannover Mess 2019

Booth NoHall 11 F26-12

Date: 1st - 5th Apr. 2019


Looking forward to meeting you !




Hannover international industry fair has a history of 71 years. It is not only the largest industrial exhibition in the world, but also one of the most important platforms connecting global industrial design,          processing and manufacturing, technology application and international trade. So far, it has become "the flagship exhibition of global industry and trade", "the barometer of world industrial trade" and "the vane of global industrial technology development".



Signal Electronics is established in 2009, we focus on the design, development and production of circular connectors and wire harnesses, including: M5, M8, M9, M12, M16, M23, M-series distribution boxes and other USB, RJ45, d-sub, etc.,  with IP68, IP69K, CE, CUL, TUV, ROHS and REACH approved.
Our products can be widely used in industrial automation, sensors, vision, industrial network transmission, rail transit, shipping, security, medical, oil and gas fields.
Our products have been exported to Germany, the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, France, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Israel and more than 60 countries and regions.



> Complete M series connectors and cables for your choice. M5, M6, M8, M9, M12, M16, M23, M40 series and distribution boxes

> Customized connection scheme

> Providing you with one-stop procurement




Contact information:

TEL:+86 0755-29886112


ADD:Building 15, Xia Lang Industrial Park, He Shui Kou Community, Matian Residential District, Guangming New District,Shenzhen, GD, China

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